Life @ Scoobee Day Garments

At Scoobee Day Garments, we emphasize on providing you with ample opportunity to build a challenging and rewarding career in the best suitable domain. Our robust teamwork at Scoobee has been one of the crucial factors behind our successful ventures. Being a member, you can intensely collaborate with the team to formulate and execute fresh ideas for phenomenal career progress and company growth.

We offer highly productive and more inclusive work environment through our dynamic team of talented personnel who foster innovation. Our rewards and benefits motivate our employees to perform consistently and help us retain our able workforce who are one of our most valuable assets.

We are committed to innovation, quality and reliability of our products which are designed to meet the diverse demands and lifestyles of our customers. At Scoobee Day Garments, we work hard to minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations, production and products. We endeavor to maintain occupational safety and health standards to ensure safe and secure work environment for our workforce.

Why Anna Group?

Anna Group is one of the leading industrial groups in the state of Kerala comprising of various business segments such as Anna Aluminium, Kitex Limited and Saras. The group is one of the largest private sector employers in Kerala, with approximately 12,500 employees.

The annual growth rate of Anna Group shows potential escalation with turnover rate growing more than 20% each year. With the motive to extend our business possibilities, Anna Group is consistently expanding and upgrading its product line to meet the emerging needs of the customer.

With Anna Group, you will be capable of exploring an endless array of opportunities for career achievement and growth. Our excellent career options allow you to get involved in innovative and challenging projects to make major achievements in career and personal growth. You will be acquainted with the advanced tools and cutting-edge technology in the industry.

The key factors that have contributed to our leadership position are our strategic network, infrastructure and high service quality. However, our most valued asset are our people. All our achievements have been possible because we have a team; a team with a winning attitude. Our experience shows that the suitability of an applicant cannot be evaluated solely on the basis of examination grades and a written application. The personal impression of the individual behind the papers is essential in order to make an adequate evaluation. Meet the people who make us tick, be part of our culture and explore our world of endless possibilities. Whether you are a graduate with world-changing ideas, a seasoned professional with knowledge and experience to share or an ambitious hunter for new business penetration, see how you can make a difference working at Anna Group.

Our culture of collaboration and teamwork across geographic and organizational boundaries sets us apart while allowing ample scope for individual performance to be recognized and rewarded.

Growth Opportunities

We are a learning organization and encourage development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable our people to perform to their full potential. We have developed a corporate-wide training program to bring learning to the work place through the use of in-house, qualified trainers. Individual training needs are identified, training objectives are set, the appropriate module implemented and, finally, the effectiveness of the training is analyzed and evaluated through the training MIS. The objective of the training is to build competencies to respond to the dynamic business environment, and to build leadership. Most of our managers have risen from the ranks.


We always take care of our high performers, with proper rewards, recognition and appreciation. We have exciting monetary and non-monetary reward systems to motivate our people.

Employee Satisfaction

We have instituted an annual Employee Satisfaction Survey program to assess employee satisfaction levels across our various functions.

Join with us

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